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  • Classes & Storytimes

    10 ClassPacks/$175 or $20/meeting
    • Live interactive story readings, discussions & activities
    • Mon.-Fri. classes & 6-8 pm CST storytimes
    • In class and post class projects and activities
    • 1-5 student to teacher ratio max
    • 5 class ClassPacks and +1 sibling ClassPacks available too
    • Message us for additional purchasing information
  • The Pebble

    Our At Home Activity Resource Guide
    • A bi-monthly collection of creative & inspired project ideas
    • Adapted and modified from PreK focused resources
    • Each guide focuses on a theme -- robots, lions, butterflies
    • $20/monthly subscription
Sunset Storytime Pricing
The Pebble Plan Pricing
Pricing Plan

Try out a Pebble Class for free!

Before you join our program, why don't you try out The Pebble Academy first? Request a FREE session with Ms. Liz. 

Free Live Pebble Session
(Request a day and time)​
Live Sunset Storytime
Mon-Thurs (7pm CT)
Live Pebble Class
Wed-Fri ( scheduled 9-5pm)
In Class and Post Class Activity Ideas


Trial Class


Sunset Storytime

Pebble Classes

Program Components

Watch one of our activity videos:

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