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  • Classes & Storytimes

    10 ClassPacks/$175 or $20/meeting
    • Live interactive story readings, discussions & activities
    • Mon.-Fri. classes & 6-8 pm CST storytimes
    • In class and post class projects and activities
    • 1-5 student to teacher ratio max
    • 5 class ClassPacks and +1 sibling ClassPacks available too
    • Message us for additional purchasing information
  • The Pebble

    Our At Home Activity Resource Guide
    • A bi-monthly collection of creative & inspired project ideas
    • Adapted and modified from PreK focused resources
    • Each guide focuses on a theme -- robots, lions, butterflies
    • $20/monthly subscription
Sunset Storytime Pricing
The Pebble Plan Pricing
Pricing Plan

Try out a Pebble Class for free!

Before you join our program, why don't you try out The Pebble Academy first? Request a FREE session with Ms. Liz. 

Free Live Pebble Session
(Request a day and time)​
Live Sunset Storytime
Mon-Thurs (7pm CT)
Live Pebble Class
Wed-Fri ( scheduled 9-5pm)
In Class and Post Class Activity Ideas


Trial Class


Sunset Storytime

Pebble Classes

Program Components

  • Sunset Storytime
    Sunset Storytimes give your child a fun and engaging place to unwind at the end of the day by participating in picture book readings with fellow story book fans, PJs and pillows.
  • The Pebble Academy At Home Activity Ideas
    What we learn together in our Interactive Classes and Sunset Storytimes is supported with a list of activity and project ideas to support in class and post calss learning fun. This way, students can initiate their own activities at home to continue learning even when our online lessons are over. Click here to see a sample.
  • Interactive Class
    During our Interactive Classes, students learn by engaging with their friends and teacher as they are introduced to new ideas through the conversations we have, the picture books we read, the songs we sing and the games we play together. Each week's theme is geared towards Pre-K interests like a trip to the woods, fairy tales, bears, or construction and demolition. In our weekly lesson plans, we ​incorporate ideas promoting pre-reading skills and early math strategies, as well as nature, community, family, arts and crafts, physical activity and music.

Watch one of our activity videos:

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